Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET) was established on 1st January 1996 vide The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996, to disburse pension to PTCL pensioners.


To be a progressive, efficient and dynamic organization, applying required technology, having a dedicated and compassionate workforce, for achieving excellence in service to meet and exceed its beneficiaries’ expectations.


Prudent management of investments, efficient disbursement of pension and buildings maintenance in line with international standards


  • Bank Alfalah, Pakistan’s leading banking institution, has entered into a strategic agreement arrangement with Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET) for disbursement of pensions to its pensioners through dedicated digital branchless banking wallets
  • PTET & Allied Bank signed MoU for Pensioners’ facilitation


  • Reference to State Bank of Pakistan letter #12(9)-Reg.6/2012.pt1453 dated 5 January 2016, all scheduled banks are responsible to:
    1. Get Life Certificates/Non Marriage Certificates from pensioners.In case of personal appearance, the bank manager may persoanlly verify the pensioner's existence
    2. Render the pensioner's account dormant if Non Marriage/Life Certificate is not recieved after every 6 months or if the pensioner fails to draw pension for consecutive 6 months
    3. Undrawn pesnion for consecutive 6 months or over is to be withdrawn from pensioner's account and credited to Account Office
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To Whom It May Concern

It is to inform you that, in compliance of orders passed by Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan dated 15.02.2018 in Crl. O. P. No. 53 & 54 of 2015 whereby all petitioners besides/except VSS-Optees were granted increases in pension as is announced by the Federal Government from time to time.

Following petitioners as per our record, are not withdrawing their respective pension amount from the concerned GPOs since long, therefore the pension disbursement has been discontinued as per rules. In this respect we have already sent letter to their last known addresses and also to their respective counsels with copy to Advocate on Record(s) Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Sr# |   Name                         |   W.P.No.   |   S # in W.P.  


1. MUHAMMAD ZAHIR KHAN 762/2011 262

2. ZARMAST KHAN 762/2011 252

3. HAIDER ALI KHAN 762/2011 405

4. MUHAMMAD NAZIR 762/2011 112

5. AKHTAR NAWAZ 762/2011 566

6. MUHAMMAD USMAN 762/2011 397

7. NAZAKAT HUSSAIN 762/2011 539

8. TAMASH KHAN 762/2011 200

9. MUHAMMAD KHALID 164/2011 119

10. AMIR HAIDER 1785/2011 20

11. SYED GHULAM HUSSAIN 984/2010 50

12. MAIN DAD 1785/2011 39

13. FAZAL GHAFOOR 762/2011 762

14. HABIB UR REHMAN 1785/2011 25

15. SPINZER GUL 1785/2011 29

16. NOORUR REHMAN 762/2011 135

17. ASFAND YAR 1785/2011 4

18. SAHIB JAN 762/2011 703

19. JAVAID KHAN 762/2011 211

20. HUKAM BAZ 762/2011 63

21. MIAN MUAMBER 762/2011 587


23. DAOOD KHAN 164/2011 86

24. FAZAL UR REHMAN 164/2011 121

25. MIR AFZAL 164/2011 140

26. MST. PARVEEN NARGIS 1785/2011 43

27. MST. ZAKIA 1785/2011 56

28. MST. ISLAM BIBI 1785/2011 59

29. JAMSHED 984/2010 11

30. AMIR HAIDER 1785/2011 20

It is therefore, intimated/requested to inform the above mentioned pensioners to please contact us on the address provided below, with all the relevant details, so that their pension along with arrears (if any) may be disbursed accordingly.

Main Functions

On-time payment of monthly pension and prudent cash and property investments with minimum risk

Pension Payment

Disbursed to over 40,000 pensioners every month through Pakistan Post and Banks

  1. Through Pakistan Post

    Computerized pension payment system is available for pensioner's convenience at Pakistan Post

  2. Through Banks

    PTET has also extended pension payment facility through banks as recomended by State Bank Of Pakistan through revised circular dated 6th May, 2011

  3. Commutation / Gratuity / Arrears

    Commutation / Gratuity / Arrears are paid only through pensioners' bank accounts

Fund Management

Fund is managed as per decisions of the Board keeping in view the Authorized / Specified Limits of PTET Investment Rules 2003 (SRO.77(KE) 2003 dated 23rd July,2003)

About 90% of the Portfolio invested in Government Securities / National Bank of Pakistan, 9% in Properties and 1% in A-rated scheduled commercial banks for working capital requirements

Management of Properties

Two ultra modern, state of the art highrise buildings in Islamabad:

  1. Telecom Tower - Ufone Tower

    28 Floors (4 BSMT + 24 ) Height = 354ft

  2. Tele House

    13 Floors (3 BSMT + 10 ) Height = 131ft


Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET) was established on 1st January 1996 vide The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996, to disburse pension to PTCL pensioners.

The Trust is managed by a Board of six Trustees, three appointed by PTCL and three by the Federal Government (Ministry of IT & T).


Pak Telecom Employees Trust
Tele-House, Mauve Area, G-10/4,
Kashmir Highway,
Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.
Tel: +92-51-2355599
Director Pension PTET
PT & T Building,
Mauj-e-Darya Road,
Lahore 54000, Pakistan.
Tel: +92-42-37231686